Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little Chit-Chat

You smart readers won't need much explaining on this video. But like I said in the earlier post, here is a Thomas video, enjoy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dinner & Games

Greetings blog reader. I will be upfront and honest with you; there are no Thomas pictures/videos currently. You may call me a bad Daddy, or act as if I don't love our blog fans, but we were very busy this weekend, and didn't take pictures and videos. If you read on and have patience, then you will see that pictures or videos will come later, but that is all part of the story.

Our busy weekend started on Saturday morning around 6am. The plan was to wake up early and get the house cleaned so I could sit down and watch the World Cup soccer game between USA and Ghana. In case you didn't see the game I won't ruin it for you, but it was an exciting and long game. Long-story-short, we got our cleaning done and watched the soccer game and then started preparing for a dinner party (hence, cleaning the house). We had a group of 12 and Jenn cooked up some awesome Mexican cuisine; we ate rice and beans, slow cooked beef and salsa, and all sorts of awesome grub. Special thanks goes out to Katie, Leia and Anessa for helping with the preparing and set up, thanks ladies.

After all the food was eaten we had a pictionary throw-down, boys vs. girls. Lets just say it was exciting and super fun. The big high light for Jenn was guessing the term "about face" in about 4 seconds- yeah it was crazy. I could go into details about how I drew this really well or how someone else guessed some thing really well, but it's sort of a game where you were either there or you weren't. If you did miss the party or you weren't invited, maybe next time. :-)

Sunday was a busy day because we did our usual Church and breakfast routine and then in the afternoon we went to a house-warming party for the Stewart's new house. The Stewarts in case you don't know are cousins of Jennifer, and their son Hayden is two days older than Thomas. It's a guarantee that those two boys playing together is going to be super cute, just imagine the cuteness (again, sorry there are not pictures, you'll live).

Sunday evening was also filled with excitement because Jenn and I play on a softball team with several of Jenn's coworkers and we had some 'big-time' plays from the game. I would pretty much say that Laura should have been there with her Sports Center crew because I did not get hit with any balls in the... balls. And Jenn was smashing the ball with her bat, as she swung big and got a triple tonight. I am starting to think that Jenn and I might need to quit our day jobs and become major leaugers.

The very last part of our weekend has been me sitting down and apologizing to my blog readers about no Thomas pictures/videos. I will say that I will be here at home with Thomas most of the week and I will try very hard to take some videos of super cute things. But on the plus side, I think I've broken a personal record with the number of hyperlinks that I can cram into one blog post; that's pretty exciting! Have a happy Monday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daddy's Day 2010

This weekend was Father's day, and we had an amazing day. The reason I say that we had a good father's day instead of 'I' had a great father's day is because my Mom and Dad (Nona & Dave) flew into town to visit with us.

Thomas was very excited to see Grampa and Teta and really seemed to enjoy their visit to AZ. Below are a couple pictures from the visit; while in town my Dad and I worked on a kitchen table that Grampa Tom made some years ago. The table needed a little fix-up work and so you'll see some pictures of Thomas helping me undo some screws and holding some screw drivers.

This pictures is Thomas and Grampa.

Daddy and Thomas working on the table.

You can already see from this pictures that Thomas will be just as handy and crafty as the other men in the family.

This video here was taken one night after dinner. My mom had been singing some Arabic songs for Thomas and of course Thomas has to sing along. Don't ask me to translate (because I can't), but you can see and hear that this makes a lot of people happy.

We hope all our readers had a great father's day and hope all the children treated their father's well.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I don't want to name names, but there are several of our blog readers who wake up on Monday morning looking forward to seeing new Thomas pictures and videos. Around 1 pm I remembered I hadn't posted anything new, and that I hadn't taken any pictures or videos. I quickly grabbed the camera and took this short video. I was making Thomas laugh a lot so I thought, "Hey, I bet those family and friends would enjoy this."

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pick Me Up

Thomas and Mommy have a little game going. What happens is that Thomas wants to be lifted up, and Mommy helps only a little. What the whole thing looks like is below, but it sort of looks like a baby monkey with it's Mother- you can watch and decide.

Also, because everyone loves Monday mornings so much, I had to show you all this video of Thomas on a Monday morning. I heard Thomas for several minutes talking and singing before I grabbed the camera and took this little video. You can clearly see that he is a happy, and super cute little guy in the mornings.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say Cheese

This is a little video from Wednesday afternoon. Thomas just had a snack and was in a happy mood so I thought I'd grab the camera.

I hope this little Thomas makes you smile, the way he makes me smile.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Waking Up Stinks

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. We spent the majority of the weekend either near or in swimming pools. On Saturday we were a Auntie Leia and Uncle Steve's house and on Sunday we were at Anessa and Dan's house. Thomas was very bothered by the pools. He enjoys taking a bath which usually means that he would enjoy a pool, but whether it was all the splashing or people, he wasn't feeling the water.

This morning however, I thought I'd take a little video of Thomas, letting the world know that he's awake and ready to go. And I do apologize for the lack of light in the room. The sun was shining but we keep the blinds closed in Thomas' room and I didn't really have time to go in ahead of time to set up the appropriate lighting.