Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Cheese and Whine?

Have you ever experienced a weekend that was fun? Well this past weekend wasn't really one of those. We had some parts that were fun, and enjoyable, but overall, I am pretty ready for Monday.

Lets begin with the good times, because you're probably reading this blog on Monday morning, and so you're already a little depressed, so lets get happy first, and then I'll leave you the same way I found you- just kidding!

Friday was nice because Jenn and I both got out of work around the same time 3pm and so we picked up Thomas from day care and we all spent the evening doing a little shopping and watching some television and just enjoying the beginning of the weekend.

Saturday again was nice- ignoring the fact that Thomas was awake at 6am and ready to wake up for the day. We again did a little running around- errands and such. I was able to work on some homework (couple more months until I graduate, again), and Jenn was able to catch a movie, while Thomas was playing and happy- most of the time. Saturday evening was really terrific because our friend Anessa had a themed birthday party; the theme being 80's. Jenn and I both had sweet costumes and Thomas enjoyed mingling with all the people, and all the great music. Here's the part that might make you not love me as a blogger anymore, I forgot our camera and so not a lot of pictures yet of the fun 80's party. Here is one group photo which Jenn and Thomas (far right) heard and posed for, while I was in some other room doing the electric slide or something?

Over all the party was super fun, and like I said I'll try and get more photos that show me and Tia Leia and Gramma Katie and a bunch of other blog celebs.

Special shout-out to Gramma Katie who took Thomas to her house around 9 so that Jenn and I could keep partying until we'd had enough. Turns out we got home and in bed around... 2am. Crazy right, it's like a wild Saturday night or something.

Sunday we did wake up and attend church with Gramma, and then we all tried to recuperate from the night before. All three of us took small naps through out the day and watched a little football on TV. Here is a video that Jenn took of Thomas that some might find amusing.

As you might be thinking right now, "This weekend sounds fun, what's with the complaints Don?" I will now tell you why this weekend was a little rougher and tougher than previous weekends. Our darling son Thomas has learned to whine. It isn't a 24/7 thing, but it's a every 15 minutes thing that can kind of make you want to say, "Want some cheese with that wine?"

I have a theory that Thomas is just growing into the world more and more and so every day he is becoming a baby less and less. Thomas wants Jenn and I to hold him and play with him, but sometimes we need to go to the bathroom, or wash some dishes or make him a bottle, and so in those instances he will give this half-cry, whiny sort of noise thing. I joked a couple times during the weekend that I was looking forward to Monday just a little, so that I may get away from the whine. Also I started thinking that while Thomas is at daycare (Monday-Friday), he has toys and other babies to play with and he's very entertained where as when he's at the house all day with just Mommy and Daddy, he's a little bored.

I suppose it's part of growing up and that it's time to just start telling him to knock it off, and not give him extra attention for his 'squeaky-wheel' actions. If there are any experienced parents that would care to advise or give two cents then please feel free to comment, and as always if you want to just comment on any normal happenings, please feel free to also do that.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Haircut, Party, and Softball

My oh my, we have had another busy and exciting weekend here in Tempe, Arizona. The Ash house has been busy with many things, and I will share our adventures with you now.
Grampi had been visiting this past week, and so on Saturday, we all shared a nice breakfast before driving Grampi to the airport so that he could return to California. Here is a picture of 4 generations, Grampi, Gramma Katie, Mommy Jenn, and Thomas. Now that's a good-look'n bunch if you ask me.
Also on Saturday we gave Thomas his first haircut. We didn't want to cut it too short (which Jenn was nervous about), but his hair started getting long as you can see from some of these pictures. We discovered that as long as Thomas drank from his bottle he didn't really care what we did to his hair.

As you can see, the more distractions, the better. And yes, we cut his hair outside, because no one wanted to clean up the barber shop if we trimmed hair indoors.

Thomas looks much handsomer now that you can see his face again. Also in this picture, you should be able to see another tooth coming in on the bottom. That is tooth number 7, woo!

Saturday afternoon/evening, we went over to Tia Leia and Uncle Steve's house because Leia was celebrating her birthday (I don't remember how old she turned... was it 25?)

Here is Leia with all her favorite little people. It was a fun party because we had a hand'n foot tournament (card game), and so the kids played with each other, and the adults dealt cards.

Leia with her favorite nephew!

Sunday evening was cool because Thomas and I went and cheered on Mommy as she hit a couple grand slams. Jenn recently joined a softball team with some coworkers, and so Thomas was pretty intrigued with the stadium lights and it was his first softball game. Jenn seemed to get on base every time we saw her, so good job Mommy!

Thomas enjoyed riding on Daddy's shoulders, except the one thing Thomas grabs hold of is Daddy's hair. Look at this photo closely because in a couple more years there may not be any more hair left up there.

Here we all are posing for a picture. Mommy was very kind to indulge us in the photo, especially since she was the MVP, but it might be because we are her biggest fans.

So, in a nutshell, our weekend was fun and filled with lots of things. I only posted some of the pictures, but there are many more videos and photos, and so maybe if you're lucky I will post additional things later this week. PS- I enjoy comments, so leave some and maybe that will encourage me to post more cute pictures and even some funny videos.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shoes & Hats

Aren't the best weekends usually the ones where a lot doesn't happen? Although we didn't have any huge parties or guests this weekend, we did have some errands and little things that we'd been meaning to do, and finally got accomplished this weekend.

Saturday morning Thomas decided that sleeping in is for losers and waking up later than 6am is foolish. Since we all woke up, Jenn and I had been interested in walking to a new coffee joint (Dutch Brother) that opened several blocks from the house. We grabbed the stroller and a hat for Thomas and walked on over to grab our java. We realized that the walk might have been a little cooler if we had actually left the house an hour or two earlier- it gets crazy hot here in AZ, no matter how early you think it is.

Saturday evening was very nice because Jenn and I went out on a dinner date thanks to our good babysitters Uncle Steve and Tia Leia. The restaurant is called the Roaring Fork and it was very tasty.

Here are several videos from this past weekend, enjoy.

This video is Jenn and Thomas playing.

We put shoes on Thomas and he seems a little worried about their effect on his walking.

Just another video of walking, but we do have a new outfit on Thomas.

Our Sunday was relaxing with church and breakfast and it was fun having Grampi in town visiting. Jenn and Thomas did a little laundry and we even had time for shopping and playing softball. Turns out Jenn is an awesome ball player and her softball team won their season opener- good job to them!

Here are some pictures from the weekend, notice how stink'n cute Thomas is.

Obviously this is Thomas helping Mommy with the laundry, duh.

These next few photos are during our family walk to get coffee. It was challenging keeping that hat on Thomas' head, but we managed to either keep it on his head or in his mouth. So you just take the victories you can.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday- BLAAAH!

What a wonderful and horrible weekend. I know a lot of family and friends have heard most of this story, or were in attendance, but the weekend was very good and very bad.

Friday night- we went over to the Hache house for our fantasy football draft party, which was really fun, and we were all having a good time, until... Thomas threw up. It was not fun times, and so we cleaned him up, and drove home.

Saturday- we spent most of the day getting ready for the big party (Don turns 28 & ASU has their home opener). Cleaning, and buying food, and getting all our ducks in a row. People start arriving at 5-ish, and things just got better and better. Everyone had a great time, and big thank yous to everyone in attendance, it was really a fantastic birthday and I enjoyed all the attention and birthday wishes.

Sunday- starting around 2am is when things went really down hill for Don (now one year closer to being an 'old man'), because I got sick; really sick. And it became clear that whatever flu or bug I had was going to just have me wishing for death. I spent most of Sunday in bed, or next to a toilet, and Jenn was able to take care of Thomas, and also Gramma Katie took Thomas for half the day also just so he didn't need to be around all the illness. As the evening approached, Don started feeling better, and Jenn started feeling worse. Sunday night, Jenn got sick (luckily not as bad as Don), and Thomas sent the night at Uncle Steve and Tia Leia's house (thanks God parents).

Monday- Don and Jenn wake up feeling better, not perfect, but better, and we begin our day of recovery. Thank goodness Monday was a holiday and no one had to go to work. I picked Thomas up from the Vernors, and we all spent the day napping, and resting, and just recuperating. Into the evening though, Thomas seemed to be feeling a little upset and had some diarrhea. Currently, we are all either in bed, or going to bed after I post this, so hopefully the Ash family can be healthy this next week so our wonderful blog readers don't have to hear about the flu and such non-fun things.

As a treat, here are pictures and videos (of all the good things), that happened this weekend. Enjoy!

Here are some of the pictures from this past weekend.
September 2009

This video shows Thomas standing all by himself.

This next video shows Thomas practicing his walking. Please excuse the sideways camera angle.