Thursday, May 27, 2010

Disneyland 2010

Here are the pictures and videos from our exciting trip to Disneyland! This past weekend we drove out to California to party and celebrate at Disneyland. Part of the trip came to fruition because Gramma Katie had graduated from ASU, and everyone wanted to celebrate "Disney-style".

Here are the pictures from our long day at the park. We tried to ride most things, even though Thomas was only tall enough for some of the rides. You will also see in many pictures that we 'ate' our way through the part, which is a tradition that Jenn and her family hold dear. Our overall day was great, although the temperature was near the 60s in the morning and night (which is super cold for Arizona people), but during the day it was warm and enjoyable. Thomas loved all the music and characters and even the rides. A lot of the day was spent trying to figure out which fun ride or area to visit next and Thomas enjoyed all the attention that we poured on him.

Disneyland 2010

This first video is of Thomas and Leia dancing. We stopped to sit down and eat and there was a guy rocking out on the piano so Thomas and Leia couldn't help but boogie-down.

In this second video you can see and hear us all as we rode around on the mini train. Thomas actually had this expression for many of the rides and attractions. You can tell that he is 'maxed-out' from all the sights and sounds. It was almost as if Disneyland hypnotizes childr- people.

We all had a super fun time at Disneyland, but we also agree that the entire day was enough Disney to last a couple years. I think we have reached our Disney quota for 2010 and hopefully 2011, but with this family you can never be sure.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bean Goatee

Thomas and Daddy had dinner alone tonight because Mommy was out shopping with coworkers. As you can tell from the pictures Daddy let Thomas feed himself which was a little messy but also a little funny.

Thomas has also become an expert at knowing when to smile and how to 'ham-it-up' in front of the camera. As soon as Thomas saw the camera he started making smiley faces and giving me big grins.

Enjoy the pictures and check out the blog next week, because this weekend we'll be going to Disneyland!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the Go

Hello Blog-Readers!
I will be honest right now and let you know that I haven't posted in a while because we are so busy here in Arizona. It's busy during the week with work and Jenn's busy at work a lot, and Thomas is running all over the place doing crazy and cute things all the time. Our weekends are busier because we run over here and over there and do this and do that, so let me just post some pictures and let everyone know what they've been missing.

May 2010

These first few pictures are from an ASU baseball game we went to last week. We watched as ASU beat up on BYU. The game was exciting, the tickets were free, and we left around the 6th or 7th inning.

Then we have super cute photos of Thomas, no explanation/story needed there!

Finally in our album you can see a graduation ceremony that was years and years in the making. This past weekend was a big celebration because Gramma Katie graduated from ASU. That's right, this young lady has been taking college classes and writing papers and flying through exams so she could earn her Bachelors Degree in Communication (same degree I received, smart lady right?).
Gramma's ceremony was Friday morning so most of us took the day off, then after the ceremony we grabbed some lunch and got ready for the 'real' party. Leia and Steve hosted a nice party at their house and we had tons of people come and celebrate, which was amazing, and if you missed it; too bad!

Enjoy all the pictures and I'll try not to keep you lovely readers waiting such a long time for the next post.