Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's behind door number two?

Here's a new video! Thomas is always standing up, and whenever you hold his hands he'll walk all over the house. Daddy's hand holding time is limited due to Daddy being so tall and Thomas being so little. This video shows Thomas exploring some kitchen cabinets. Occasionally he would try and pick up or grab a plate, but most of the time he just wants to see what's inside. Even when Thomas is in his room he will play with the door; pulling it closed or pushing it open.

Other things happening in Arizona is that Jenn had her 10 year high school reunion (I can't believe she's that old... and still looks so smoke'n hot!); the reunion brought Jenn and her two friends to memory lane. If you would like to see pictures of Jenn, Anessa and Nica during the special evening then I suggest you check them out on Facebook. Jenn puts a lot of pictures on Facebook and I post mainly to Blog; so depending on how interested you are in our family you can check out one, or both.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This weekend and past week has been delightful. The week was relatively quiet with Jenn returning from an overnight recruiting trip to Yuma Arizona, and I had a day off Friday because of school report cards were due.

Currently I am writing this blog post on Saturday afternoon, so technically Saturday night and Sunday could still be a nightmare, but I'm confident it won't be. Saturday has been a relaxing day where Jenn and I have been able to catch-up on several errands and things. I was able to sit around for a couple hours and work on some homework and write a couple papers.

I realize of course that most of you blog readers don't read this blog because you want to hear about what Jenn and I do with our errand weekends, but rather to check out pictures and videos of Thomas. You're in for a treat, because Jenn gave Thomas this little cookie biscuit teething thing, and so the video below is showing Thomas eating his cookie.

On a more personal note to this cookie video, I was the person that got to wipe the face and clean the high chair- lucky me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Sleep Inside- We Own a Tent

This past weekend marked Thomas' 2nd camping trip. Overall this week has been pretty busy (in a good way), but here are some pictures from our camping trip.

Camping in October

For those to want to know more about the area we were camping, check out Woods Canyon Lake. Along for the camping trip we had our friends Anessa and Dan as well as Chris and Sandra. As you may notice it looked pretty chilly and felt even colder, at night the temperature went down to the 40s.

Here are a couple other pictures from last week when Thomas got a fun visit from his Auntie Kelsey.

Hope things are going well with all you wonderful blog readers. I also apologize for my limited writing in this post, but I'm just very tired, and going to bed sounds pretty good right now, so enjoy the pictures and there will be many more to come!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oktoberfest? Must be October!

Friday evening was a treat because we met up with Uncle Jack at BJ's Restaurant and Bar. As some blog readers may remember Uncle Jack will occasionally fly into Arizona as part of his pilot training and so we always make time for one of our favorite Uncles (when your Uncle flies a Jet, he's automatically one of the favorites).

Here we can see Uncle Jack sitting at some kind of high table with Thomas and Mommy. Some other people in the restaurant yelled things like, "Why's yo baby in a bar?" I had to gently remind them that we were in a restaurant style establishment.

Here we see everyone smiling because after drinking from those tiny little glasses 2 or 3 times everyone becomes more silly.

After telling Uncle Jack goodbye, we stopped over at Tia Leia and Uncle Steve's house (Uncle Steve can't fly a jet, but he is the best napper around). Tia Leia was packing for a big trip to the East Coast where she would spend time with Auntie Laura, so Thomas grabbed a box and jumped in. The idea was that Tia Leia could just take Thomas with her to go see Auntie Laura!

All in all our weekend was really great. All these pictures are only from Friday night, and this video below is from Thomas on Sunday morning.

Saturday was spent cheering on the ASU Sundevils as they lost :-( And Saturday night was fun because Gramma Katie hung out with Thomas while Jenn and I went to Tempe's Annual Oktoberfest. We attended last year with the same friends, and it was fun because Jenn remembers how last year she was pregnant and couldn't drink all the Oktoberfest-style beers. The festival is always crowded and there is a lot to see and do.
Sunday morning was spent with a little church visit, this Sunday only Thomas and I attended because everyone else in our normal group has been a little under the weather. After church we drove to Phoenix and had lunch with friends Eli and Rachel (pictures from lunch are coming soon). After lunch we went back to Oktoberfest- this time to drink some beers with Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack was suppose to fly out of town Saturday but they had some radio problems and they got stuck in Arizona for a couple more days, which was a nice treat for us, because we got some more Oktoberfest.