Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cubs, Milk and a Bear?

It's never boring when you have a baby, let me tell you folks!  Yesterday we took Thomas to his first baseball game!  It's Spring Training here in Arizona, and that means we have the Cactus League in our backyard!
Our Good friend Anessa and Dan are big Chicago Cubs fans (Dan is from Chicago), and so because Jenn will return to work (boo) next week, we decided to catch the first game between the Cubs and the Dodgers!  Happily the Cubs won (5-3), and I think Thomas enjoyed being outside and hanging out with all the ball players.
This morning however, I was burping Thomas and we had a Kodak Moment that Mommy just had to take pictures of.  In a way, I think these photos will show my "I never want kids" friends, that having a child is such a blessing from God that you scream his name on an almost daily basis.
By the way, once you have a kid, you are pretty much doing loads of laundry, so I'm glad we are using that appliance (a lot)!
Also, here's a little video for anyone who needs a little humor! (special thanks to Mommy for the video idea)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My apologies to those of you who might say, " another video, geez, I've seen enough of this kid".  But this video is not intended for those who get tired of "this kid".  This video is for the real Thomas fans!  The Grandparents and Aunties and all those other people who just can't get enough of the T-man!
PS- I shot this video because it was too cute not to.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Who's Jerome?

Who is Jerome, is not the question, but rather where is Jerome?  More of that later...
Saturday we got a nice little visit from our good friend Eli & Rachel.  They came by the house to see... Mommy & Daddy?  Probably not, they came to see everybody's favorite little guy Thomas!  I never realized how cute our family is, but luckily Eli took some pictures of their visit!

On to Sunday!  Jenn decided that we needed to take a little day trip and see more of Arizona (it is the best state in the Union right... who still refers to it as the Union?).  The desicion was made that we would journey to Jerome (don't worry, I'd never heard of it either).  The drive took about an hour and a half, and Uncle Steve drove Thomas, Auntie Leia, Mommy & Daddy (that's all who could fit in the car, sorry Tony).  The weather was warm for most of the day, and it was intersting to check out such a little town that had once been known as the "wickedest town in the west".

Look at our pictures and of course some... interesting videos.



EEWW VIDEO (you'll see)   

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hanging Out

Look at Thomas!  Here's a quick video we got today right before Daddy started making lunch.
Every day Thomas keeps getting more and more vocal and more and more cute!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thomas Came Home

Although it's been over a month since Thomas was born, I have just finally been able to put together this video of us leaving the hospital and coming home.  Be warned that the video is around 4 minutes long, and that future videos will be much shorter (I get the feeling some people may not want to watch 4 minutes worth).
In case you have trouble viewing the video, please visit You Tube and watch the video!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Police Weekend w/Eddie

What an exciting weekend! Friday afternoon we went down into Phoenix and saw Eddie graduate from the police academy. Just imagine Eddie is now a Tempe police officer...
Obviously he's going to be a great police officer and so Saturday evening there was a graduation party for him! Here are some pictures.  Hopefully I can get some more for you all to see.

More Pics (from Ernesto)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who Got a Pupp-ie? (sung to "Who Let the Dogs Out")

We all know having a baby is cute, and wonderful... but when your baby turns 1 month old, you have to get him some sort of present, right?
This picture here is of Jenn, Don, Thomas and Kharule (pronounced Carl) McGhee!
We are all so excited to have this new addition to our family!
Jenn and I started explaining to Thomas that a puppy is very cute and takes up a lot of attention.  We then told him that he would need to share toys, diapers and Mommy & Daddy time with the new puppy!
As you can see from the reaction on Thomas' face, he did not take this information very well!  Therefore we are now reporting that we do not have a puppy named Kharule!  
But the silver lining is that good ol' Uncle Tony now has a puppy named Kharule and they are currently sharing food, toys and bottles (beer or milk, I'm not sure).

Friday, February 6, 2009

Auntie Allison... here today, gone tomorrow!

Thomas, Mommy & Daddy loved having Auntie Allison come to visit this weekend.  They all agreed the trip was too short, but we were able to do a lot of fun things.
Friday afternoon we all went for a picnic with Gramma Katie, Auntie Leia and Uncle Tony.  Then on Saturday, we had a visit from some cousins and family members (Jim, Mary, Alex, Jimmy, Kelsey & Heather), and then that evening Mommy & Daddy went out to dinner and left Allison and Tony to babysit little Thomas (it was a learning experience for all those involved)!  Sunday morning was all about the waffles and bath time.  And then before you know it, Allison's bag was packed and she was leaving us.
We enjoyed her visit and Thomas seems to get a kick out of all these family members that he keeps meeting week after week!  Mommy & Daddy are pretty sure that he'll be familiar with everyone in another couple months!  We look forward to the next family visit from _____ (this could be you), and we'll keep the pictures coming!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get Rested...

Thomas is trying to get as much sleep as possible because tomorrow morning (Friday), Auntie Allison is flying in from Texas to spend the weekend with us.  For those who know Allison, you will agree that you need plenty of energy to keep up with her, and so Thomas, Mommy & Daddy are preparing ourselves for her arrival.
Also on another note, we would like to give fair warning that the next post might be of an Auntie fight between Allison and Leia.  Mommy & Daddy will try and avoid an "Auntie Fight Club" breaking out, but we are aware that Thomas is the only nephew and this may cause problems.  I continue to tell all Aunts and Uncle (and even Grandparents), that there is enough Thomas to go around, but sometimes these relatives get a little drunk with love!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a weekend?!?!

This was a crazy crazy weekend!  We took Thomas out for his first hamburger (which he indirectly tasted) from In-n-Out, so that was fun.  Gramma went with us and the weather was great as we sat outside to eat!
Sunday was the big-big day which all of Arizona was excited about.  As you can tell Thomas is a big football fan, and plans to play in coming years!  (notice the shirt says Future Quarterback)
Mommy, Daddy & Thomas jumped in the car and drove to Uncle Steve & Auntie Leia's house to watch the big game!  Thomas spent the day with family members like Gramma, Uncle Mundo, Rachel, Anthony and Antonio!  Daddy went a little overboard with the Superbowl nachos, but hey, it's only once a year!  Here is a photo of Mommy and Thomas after the stupid Steelers won the game!
All Cardinal fans were sad to see that final touchdown pass, but proud that our team made it all the way to the Superbowl!
Plus, as you can see below, we did get to laugh during the game at all the funny commercials!  Here is Mommy's favorite commercial from Sunday!