Sunday, January 31, 2010


This last Friday Thomas got a special treat at day care- a horse ride! A couple employees at the day care own horses and they brought them in on Friday so some of the kids could ride around. Of course we signed the permission slip which was strange because I've been so used to asking my parents to sign them when I was a kid, but now I get to sign them- YEAH!

Down below are a couple pictures from Friday. There is only really the one good picture and the other shots are of the horse? Sup with that? We're not sure how much Thomas loved the horses but we'll keep him aware of them, and perhaps he'll get more horse exposure than Jenn or I (we don't know anything about the horse legged things).

We'll keep the pictures coming if you keep on reading. By the way, I would appreciate a few more 'blog-followers' because I'm feeling like nobody is a fan :-(

Yeah, I went there with the sympathy, whatcha going to do about it?

And yes I know these aren't the worlds best pictures, so maybe if you become a blog follower I'll add more /better pictures? YEAH!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Future Architect?

Jenn and I have been taking our time since last weeks birthday party to open and take all of Thomas' present out of the boxes. We still feel overwhelmed with all the toys and things filling our living room. Below is a funny video of Thomas and Jenn building and knocking down some blocks.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday PARTY!

This past Saturday (January 16th), we held a Birthday Party for Thomas! The party was in the park and the weather and every couldn't have been better. We had a ton of friends and family in attendance, and we want to thank every one for all the great gifts and presents, because right now our living room is bursting with toys (Thomas is super happy).

For those who attended thanks for coming out and celebrating with us, you really made the day special for Thomas and his stressed out parents. As a parent it is a little strange planning a party that your child doesn't really understand and 99% chance, won't remember. We had a lot of help from our family and friends with the park set-up and clean-up and one of the great things about having the party out at the park is that we really didn't need to mop and clean the joint before and after.

Again, check out our pictures from the party and enjoy.

1st Birthday

And, for all the friends and family that wish they could have attended the big birthday party, just remember, we're throwing another party next year. That is why birthday's are so super great, every year, they just come around for celebrating.

Also I'll try and post some videos HERE of Thomas actually getting into the cake, because it was really fun to watch (unless you're Nona, and she loves clean children). Special thanks to the videographer Melynda for getting some great video of the party!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Thomas

Thomas turned one this past Monday and it was kind of a boring day. Because his birthday fell on a Monday, Jenn and I went to work, while Thomas went to day-care. In the evening however, we had Gramma, Tia Leia and Uncle Steve to the house for some dinner and cake. Here are some pictures and video of Thomas checking out his mini-cake and eating some.

To answer all the question, Yes, Thomas apparently loves cake and can't seem to get enough. He would pick up a fist full at a time and just shove it in his mouth, it was pretty funny. Afterwards Tia Leia and Uncle Steve took Thomas and washed him up in the tub.

This past year has been amazing because as you blog readers have seen, Thomas has grown in size, and personality. Also Thomas has learned so much and grown into such a little person being able to make sounds, and 'almost' walk. Jenn and I are so thankful that Thomas has been healthy and happy this year and hope he has many more great years to follow.

This video is us singing Happy Birthday to Thomas - HERE

This video is Thomas trying out a present Leia & Steve got for him - HERE

And just for those of you wondering, or those who haven't heard, we will be celebrating Thomas' birthday this coming Saturday at the park, so be sure to check back next week for more Birthday pictures!

Just in case some were interested in Thomas' 1 year stats- here they are.

Weight: 25 lbs 4 oz

Height: 32.5

Head Circumfrance: 19 in

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Great Christmas

Hello blog readers! Did you miss the Ash family? Pretty sure you did and you're excited to see all our photos and videos from our Christmas trip to Maryland. I will tell you the weather was cold and we did see snow. We flew to Maryland on the 22nd of December and spent a few days with Teta and Grampa, and Great-Grampa and Great-Gramma. On the 24th, Auntie Allison and Uncle Jack flew in which every knew about... except Teta and Grampa. They were very surprised and they made the Christmas even more special.

On the 26th, Auntie Laura and Ernesto drove down from Connecticut and we went to a movie, and the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico Virginia. Most of our trip involved good family time, and visiting with friends. We had excellent food as well and were glad that we brought sweatshirts and sweaters. Enjoy these photos and below you can check out a video of Teta and Grampa being surprised, as well as a video of Thomas walking!

Christmas 2009

The video of Allison & Jack surprising Dave and Nona - HERE

A video of Jenn and Thomas sledding in the snow - HERE

The video of Thomas walking in living room - HERE

By the way, we do have some more pictures to show because we all know that after Christmas is New Year's. Be sure to check the blog later this week for some pictures and stories from the 'Eve' party.