Friday, April 30, 2010

Just the 2 of Us

Jenn and I are super excited about this weekend because it's sort-of an anniversary weekend. Our three year anniversary was back on April 21, but this weekend we are celebrating the three years. The celebration starts Friday night as Jenn and I go downtown and see Conan O'Brien perform in Phoenix.
Before I forget, I do need to give a shout-out thank you to Thomas' Godparents (Leia & Steve) as well as Gramma Katie, because they will be taking care of every one's favorite toddler while Jenn and I celebrate.
Anyway- we see Conan on Friday which should be super hilarious, and then Saturday morning/midday we are driving to a resort. Now I'm not sure if I should mention where we're going because Jenn has no idea. The only things I've told her about the get away are: we are driving, it's almost 2 hours away, the weather will be great.
So guess where we're going? Yeah, most people won't know, but HERE is a link to the resort place. See how much I love all our blog readers, I won't tell my wife where we are going, but I will tell you all.

On with the show!

Because Jenn and I won't be spending a lot of the weekend with Thomas, I decided to upload this funny video Jenn took a couple days ago. If you pay attention you will see me in the background finishing up some dishes in the sink. Jenn and Thomas are the stars of the video and as you will find out Thomas was cracking Jenn up.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

May I take your coat?

Many of our favorite blog readers live here in the Phoenix, Arizona area, but others do no. The reason I bring this information up is because it's been very hot here lately. This up-coming week we are expected to get into the mid 90's and today it was about 84. Last week however we had two chilly days which meant that these might be the last couple days Thomas would were a jacket until the Winter, later this year.

Jenn and Thomas were in the kitchen practicing how to put on and take off a jacket, which is when Thomas figured out his 'personal' removal technique. The following video was taken after 4 or 6 demonstrations and made Mommy and Daddy laugh. Usually if we think it's cute, then someone else has to enjoy it too right?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Running and Jumping

Running is something I try and avoid. I am very aware that I have brother-in-laws who love to run and most of the people I know love to talk about fitness and exercise, but I don't enjoy 'working out'. I think when I was younger and playing sports and the thought of having a 9 to 5 was unimaginable I did like to run and exercise and lift weights (not too many though); but now a days it's just so boring. And honestly I really don't feel amazing if I do run and exercise and etc.
HOWEVER, this Saturday I broke the mold a little and participated with Jenn in Pat's Run.
Jenn has been trying to exercise and be in shape (she's the most beautiful lady I've ever know), and she actually did the run last year. So this year I said, "Sure I'll do it."
But little did I know that this run is over 4 miles long. I'm pretty sure the most I've ever run in my life was like a mile and a half, maybe two miles, but never 4 miles :-(
To be honest I was scared, and as most of you know hardly anything scares me! We get to the race nice and on time with Thomas and a jogging stroller (thanks Stewarts), and we are in the way back because the race rule is people with strollers or dogs have to start in the back. I am very happy with this rule because I'm not wanting all the serious runners to knock me over and we're in the back surrounded with other kids and strollers and it's like a parent party in the back.
So we're waiting and waiting for the race to begin, and then we hear cheering coming from behind us because the first running is coming around the corner and finishing. This dude's time was like 20 minutes, which divided by four means he's running a mile every 5 minutes, which I think is fast- obviously no one ran faster?
Finally our back of the race mob starts moving forward which is exciting because Jenn and I are like, "Oh yeah, here we go, time to run, ready to feel the burn, going push it." Or something like that.
Turns out we were so far in the back that we were surrounded by walkers. People walking side by side in front of us, and people walking side by side in front of them. Therefore the first mile and a half we're pretty much walking briskly. There were several stretches of the race where Jenn and I would be able to push Thomas and the stroller through some openings and run/jog for a while. And I will admit, I felt pretty darn fast running past all those walkers. I told Jenn that there can be two ways to be motivated while exercising.
1- You exercise with someone more fit than you and it helps escalate your performance.
2- You exercise with someone way less fit than you and it makes you feel so athletic and awesome.
These walkers on Saturday morning were in the #2 group. They were walking and talking and literally taking a stroll, while Jenn and I were jogging past them pushing our baby and thinking about how awesome we were compared to them. Don't worry, I can tell what you are thinking, "Don, it's not a race." BUT, this was a race, so we did run past people and I did want to scream out, "Out of the way molasses." But I didn't, Jenn and I were very polite and courteous, which probably explains our finishing time of 1:02. And yes, if you divide an hour into four parts, that's fifteen minutes a mile, which I don't think is Olympic speed just yet?

If you have an excellent memory, you might remember that this blog post is titled Running and Jumping, which brings us to the jumping. After our exhausting run, see running video below:

We all went out for some breakfast and then home for a nap (not much to tell there, actually just did). That afternoon we went to celebrate two birthdays, Gabriel (is 4), and Kiera (is 2). Because these two awesome kids are brother and sister and there birthdays are like super close together they had a joint party at Jump Street, and sadly the address was not 21.
This jump place is sort of like a warehouse filled with trampolines and kids are bouncing off the ways, literally. The party was actually a lot of fun because they had trampoline sections for big kids and sections for little kids. Considering Thomas is only 1, he tends to get run-over a lot when we are out at parks and places with lots of children.

Check out all the pictures we took from our busy Saturday of running and jumping.
April 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

This past week and a half has had several ups and downs. If you have time for all the details please read on, otherwise check out the pictures and video below. Our little adventure starts on Friday March 26th, when Jenn's Grandfather (Ynocent "XYZ" Gonzales) passed away. He was at home in his bed with a daughter by his side. He had been in the hospital for a fall he had taken the week before, and considering he was 94 years old, it's easy to say that he lived a long and happy life. Once Jenn and I heard we first thought of when we would be driving out to California for the funeral services and even when the services would be. Easter Sunday and the holy days leading up to Easter were the following week which pushed the funeral to early April, and it also allowed all of us to celebrate Easter in California with Jenn's family.

Easter was a very special holiday this year because even though this is Thomas' second Easter, he was wrapped in a blanket last year and too little to really do much moving and egg-hunting. These pictures below and video are of our trip in California and actually a couple days before, where we colored lots and lots of eggs.

The other major news I would mention is Thomas' godparents Steve and Leia have a six-year old niece Lauren who has had a couple years of medical trouble and if you've never seen Lauren's Blog it is filled with history, pictures and information. I would ask that all our friends and family say a few prayers for the Nihei family, that they are able to have strength and peace during this difficult time.

Pictures from Easter adventure:
Easter in CA 2010

Here is the video of Thomas searching for eggs: