Tuesday, July 26, 2011

End of July

This has been a really fun month with our Denver trip at the beginning and 4th of July after that. It seems to go by so fast especially for me, because school will begin in August. Since I haven't been putting up any pictures or videos lately I thought I'd share several videos. And remember if you want to subscribe to these videos on YouTube, then you'll get emails as soon as they get uploaded.

First video is a couple nights ago when Thomas was trying to finish up some of his dinner with Uncle Tony and Auntie Leia, we were asking Thomas to laugh, enjoy:

Second video is from yesterday when Thomas and I took my car into the dealership to be serviced. We walked into the showroom and stayed there for about an hour "driving" all around town.

And finally, this third video is from this morning. I brought Antonio and Thomas into my classroom to help hang posters and move furniture and between Antonio, Thomas and a laser pointer, hilarity ensued.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colorado Trip, 2011

This past Thursday, we woke up early, boarded a 6am flight and went to Colorado. My Grandparents live there, and my parents were also in Colorado the same weekend visiting, so Thomas got to see Teta, Grandpa David, Grandma and Grandpa Don. It was great to see family and visit with everyone, but it was also amazing to get out of this Arizona heat. When you can ditch the triple digits and hang out with some 80 degree days and 60 degree nights, you take that deal!

Here are a lot of pictures from the trip, but to summarize, we went to two main attractions; the first was Tiny Town and the second was the Zoo. We first visited Tiny Town on Friday, and according to Grandpa and Grandma, this was a place they had tried to take my sister Allison and I when we were kids visiting Colorado, but every time we would plan a trip, it would rain all day. The Friday we visited was perfect weather, and so Thomas was able to run around and explore all the tiny buildings and streets. They had a picnic area where we had lunch, a jungle gym where Thomas and Teta played, and a little train which Thomas wanted to ride, but once one changed his mind.

The next day Saturday, we went with just Grandpa David and Teta to the Denver Zoo, and saw lots of cool animals. Again, the weather was great and Thomas really enjoyed walking around and constantly asking us, "What's that? What's that?". The zoo was fun and we recommend visiting next time you happen to be in Denver.

Besides our travels around the Denver area, we stayed around the house, and Thomas got to feed horses that live behind Grampa Don's house. Thomas had some cars to play with which he loved and the rest of us just enjoyed each others company, and we ate well and had a very relaxing weekend. Big thanks go to Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Don for hosting us and showing us a great time!

CO June/July