Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wave Your Hands

We just had to share this video of Thomas doing a little dance. Teta Nona and Grampa David sent some Easter goodies yesterday and one of the things was a musical book. It's one of those books with all the buttons on the side so you can have sound effects while you're reading. Anyway this is Thomas exploring this new book, enjoy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Videos

Hello wonderful blog readers! This weekend just as every other weekend has been busy and great at the same time. We did a little shopping at the mall and hung out with Tia Leia, Uncle Steve and the Haches. And yes, we even took several videos, so that all may see the growth and cuteness that is our little Thomas.

This first video is Thomas holding on to my leg while Jenn tries to get him to do something or other- you'll just have to watch to have that question answered.

This video was after eating dinner and it's pretty funny because Thomas has figured out what/where his belly is, and so he shows it a lot.

Here you will see Thomas and Mommy playing with some toys and having a pretty jolly time with it. That's right- I used jolly without talking about Santa, deal with it! (that was typed in sarcastic voice)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ok go DANCE

This is a video Jenn sent me and it fascinated Thomas. We sat and watched the video maybe 2-3 times and each time Thomas was just as amazed. I will admit that I do enjoy this band and the video is very cool. Enjoy!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Games Games Games

Just wanted to keep all you readers current and up to date with all the fun times, and good times. This last Saturday night we left Thomas with a babysitter while the rest of us played some Bingo at the Casino (kind of rhymes). Although most people associate Bingo being played either by young children or old ladies- Jenn is a huge fan and so that was her birthday request. We had a group of 10 and we all had our cards and our little daubers and surprisingly had a really swell time.

This video below is from Thursday night, and I just wanted to show you all how funny Thomas can be. We started playing this little game where I would yell and startle him and he would sorta jump and then hug me, and after we kept playing and playing, Jenn was super smart and grabbed the camera- thanks Jenn!

These next photos are from Sunday afternoon at the ballpark. Because living in Arizona has so many perks I thought I'd show you all the Spring Training game photos we took while watching the Chicago Cubs beat up the LA/Anaheim Angels.

Here we are smiling for the camera. This picture was challenging to get because every time one of us seemed to have our eyes closed, but this one wasn't bad.

Here is the cutest guy at the ballpark, enjoying the sun and warmth (yes he was covered head-to-toe in 70 SPF sunscreen)

These are our friends the Burnsides, Anessa and Dan. Dan if you remember from last years blog is the huge Cubs fan and since Jenn and I don't really follow baseball, we cheer for the Cubs once a year.
And hear is the last photo from the end of the game. Notice the drunk idiot in the background. The more he drank the less funny he became (just my opinion).
PS- anyone reading this is invited to come visit us around Spring Training because the weather is always warm and this Cactus League is very large.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the birthday WAS happy

As mentioned in the early blog, Jennifer celebrated her birthday yesterday and it was filled with highs and lows. First I will briefly mention the low- Jenn was walking into a building (while it was raining outside) and she slipped and 'tweaked' her foot. The afternoon was Jenn keeping her foot elevated and laying on the couch. Here we are a day or so later and she says the foot is 99% better so don't worry too much about her. Also a small low on the birthday was taking Thomas to see the doctor because he had been up the night before with a cough- and again, not much to worry about. The doctor said it was a minor ear infection and it's good we caught it early and that he will be fine in a week.

Obviously the great part of Jenn's day was receiving birthday gifts and phone calls and knowing that she is the special lady during the week of her birthday. This coming Saturday she requested that we all get together and go play some Bingo at a near by casino- so that should be fun times.

This video below is actually of Thomas eating cake because it's funnier than the other video of Jenn eating cake. We were all laughing because Thomas was so happy that he was humming a little tune about how much he enjoys cake. And below the video are a couple pictures of Jenn with presents and cards- enjoy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing at the Park

A week or two ago we all went to the park near our house and took the camera. Here are a couple videos from our little family outing. A week before this outing Thomas and I went by ourselves before Mommy came home from work and Thomas would let out these huge giggles- but being a child, he does not repeat the same trick twice. Again, these two videos are cute, so I hope you enjoy seeing the fun Thomas has at the park.

Early Birthday for Jenn

Jennifer's birthday is on March 9th, which makes the celebration this year a little odd because the 9th is a Tuesday. We did most of the celebrating on Saturday and Sunday because it's the weekend and also because her brother Tony was in town to help celebrate.

This photo below is from the restaurant Benihana that we ate at on Saturday night. We had a great time and were impressed that we had everyone looking at the camera (especially Thomas).

Sunday night we spent time at the house and cooked some chili and Katie made Jenn her favorite cake in the world. Of course I don't know the name, but I will describe the cake- it's chocolate with bananas and cool whip frosting. It's really good, maybe if you blog readers are lucky Katie or Jenn might post a recipe.

Check back after Tuesday night to find out how Jenn likes her presents- if she gets any ;-)