Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last night I took this video of Thomas getting tickled and giving tickles. It's pretty funny, check it out HERE.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Time

These are some videos from the past couple weeks. This first one was from an evening when Thomas and I were home alone and Thomas decided to start singing- sadly he gets interrupted pretty early in his performance.

This second video is from a day during Spring Break. Because I'm a teacher I have the week off, but Jenn also decided to take some days off, and so here is a video of Jenn snowboarding. This was only her second time and she was vertical most of the day, which anyone who has tried snowboarding will know is challenging.

Turning 30

This past Wednesday Jenn turned 30, and the Saturday before she was greeted with a surprise party. I told Jenn that was I taking her out for a fancy birthday dinner and that her best friend Anessa offered to babysit Thomas. Jenn and I dressed up, and drove Thomas over to Anessa's house, where there was a surprise party waiting for her!
As mentioned above, Jenn turned 30, but her brother-in-law, Steve turned 40, and her cousin-in-law, Melynda turned 30 also (all 3 birthdays are within a week of each other). Since so many people were hitting mile-stone birthday's, the party was combined and named a 100 year celebration (30+30+40=100).
The first surprise was Steve, 30 minutes later, I walked Jenn in the door and 30 minutes after that Melynda walked in. Here are just a few pictures from the evening, graciously planned by Anessa, Leia and Holly.

Spring 2011