Friday, January 20, 2012

This and That

There have been several videos I've taken, but haven't posted yet, these 1st two are of Thomas at swim lesson. You will notice my wonderfully talented cousin Kelsey as the instructor, and Thomas has been enjoying swimming more and more each week- thanks Kelsey. Here in the next few videos, you can see Thomas riding his new bike. One of the big birthday presents this past week was a "big-boy" bicycle, and he seems to be doing fine. And last, but not least is a short video from Thomas' birthday party. After Thomas and several other children, then adults had taken swings at a pinata, it was Rachel's turn. This video shows Rachel destroying the pinata and laughing with the rest of us, enjoy.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cake and Presents

This past Saturday we had some friends, and family to the house for Thomas' birthday party. In case you didn't attend it was a very fun, but intimate event. Jenn was able to hire a firetruck to come, and that was cool to drive and play with. We also had a pinata which is some sort of "Mexican" thing. We ate lots of food, and had tons of fun. Here is a video of Thomas blowing out the candles, and I'll see if I can inclue other photos too. Photo Album Over all the party was terrific and we love how much Thomas is growing and becoming a big boy.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Basketball Lock-Out is Over

A lot of fans have been screaming and yelling about wanting to see basketball, and since it's been resumed everyone is getting into their dribble-fake-shot!

Here are two videos of Thomas using a little basketball hoop on his door. The first video is longer and he never makes a shot. The second is shorter and you see him make a basket.

PS- next week Thomas turns 3!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Vacation

Happy New Year! It is 2012, and here are pictures and videos from our vacation to Colorado. My grandparents, Don and Dorothy live in Colorado and while there we also got to see my parents, Dave and Nona, and my sister and her husband, Allison and Jack.  Here are photos from the trip.

Christmas Vacation

Also here are a couple videos of Thomas opening presents on Christmas morning and also of Thomas sledging down a hill, enjoy!

As you can see, we really love videos and pictures, so enjoy the ton that I've posted!